Published by Kerry Blye
Mar 03, 2019

For the past 55 years, STOYAC has served a very special and important function serving the youth of our Town. A large part of this tenure has included an outstanding youth football & cheerleading program.

2018 will mark our first season as members of AMERICAN YOUTH FOOTBALL (AYF). The switch to AYF (grade based) last year was very successful for us.  We joined the Baystate League but that was just the beginning.  We are happy to announce that the 10 Hockomock teams have combined with what was Dual County-Tri Valley to create a brand new power league to be renamed:

We pride ourselves in diligently serving our community in this vital and fun activity for our children. The objective of Stoughton/Avon Youth Football & Cheerleading is to offer every child the opportunity to participate in the sport of football or cheerleading and to provide these activities in a safe, enjoyable and disciplined environment.

We as parents, board members and coaches feel that it is essential to emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie and physical fitness throughout all phases of our programs.

The Stoughton Raiders have many dedicated volunteers that are the backbone of our program, but as the program grows, so does the need for more volunteers and coaches. Please contact us today if you can help us in any way.  We are looking forward to a great 2019 season!!