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Montgomery County, TN


 How long is the season?
A: Typically season begins early/mid August and goes to the end of October. 

What does the practice schedule look like?
A: During the month of August, practice is generally held four (4) nights/week for two (2) hours in the evening.  When the school year starts, the number of practices/week are reduced. 

Q: How long is practice?
A: Generally for two hours per night. 

Q: Where is practice held?
A: During the summer, practice is held outdoors at the Hansen Elementary School Field (1800 Central St; Stoughton). 

Q: Are there any additional fees?
A: Yes, personalized football jerseys/uniform is not part of the registration fee. 

Q: What is paperwork night?
A: Paperwork night is when we gather all required league documentation that your child needs to practice/play football (birth certificate, report card, physical dated in 2023).

Q: Do you need any coaches and/or volunteers?
A: YES! We can always use help as this is a volunteer youth program.