Community Field Parking

Published by Program Director
Jan 18, 2018


Stoughton “Community Field” Parking

And Gameday INFO 2015

FIELD ADDRESS:605 Washington Street, (Rear)

  1. PLEASE - Do not drop off or park on Voses Court. (Towing enforced)
  2. Use the main entrance only adjacent to the Discount Store. Our neighbors on Voses Court should not be inconvenienced. This is part of our agreement with the Town of Stoughton when we built the field. Let’s be considerate and have a great gameday experience for all.
  3. $2.00 PARKING:

Parking at Community Field on Gameday is limited.There is a $2. parking fee at Community Field which goes toward our maintenance/improvement fund. Parking is also available across the street at the Price Rite Plaza in the spots closest to Washington Street or you may also park in the strip mall parking lot immediately outside of our field but only in spots closest to Washington Street. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE DISCOUNT STORE OR ON THE SIDE OF THE STORE AS THEY CONDUCT THEIR BUSINESS AND NEED SPACE FOR CUSTOMERS. TOWING ENFORCED.


  1. Our well stocked snack bar will open at least ½ hour prior to the first game of the day and will remain open for the duration of the day.
  2. Our “Home” Jerseys are Black or Orange.

John Kowalczyk, Director(781-254-2918)

Kerry Blye, Program Coordinator (617) 851-6267

Christine Goff, Cheerleading Coordinator (617) 230-9407